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Питер дореволюционный

Originally posted by masterok at Питер дореволюционный

Невский проспект. Башня городской думы

Есть что то в старых фотках такое … манящее. Как окно в другой мир, как машина времени. Особенно смотря на фотки знакомых мест или людей, событий, обстоятельств. Вот уже был у нас как то СТАРЫЙ ПИТЕР и Виды Санкт-Петербурга начала XX века

Вот каким был Питер …Какой это примерно год?

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Вспомните еще как это было: Пушкин на Страстной, и еще немного старых фото: Москва 1909 года и История Дворца Советов в Москве плюс к этому Старая Москва Наума Грановского. А вот кстати и СТАРЫЙ КРЫМ

Оригинал статьи находится на сайте ИнфоГлаз.рф Ссылка на статью, с которой сделана эта копия - http://infoglaz.ru/?p=86502
Originally posted by australianvoice at WHY DOES THE WEST HATE PUTIN? THE SECRET REASON
The Official Reasons
We all know the governments of the West, lead by the US and the UK, have turned against Russia. There are many reasons offered by our media: Russia tried to stop the Ukraine from joining the EU. Russia helped the "pro-Russian rebels" shoot down MH-17. Russia "invaded" the Crimea illegally. Thousands of Russian troops and tanks are fighting in the Ukraine. Some of us think these claims are war propaganda for the citizens of the West used to justify sanctions against Russia and increasing military tensions.

The Geo-political Reasons
Less widely discussed but much more important are the geo-political reasons which look at the areas of conflict between the economic interests of the US and those of Russia and China. At the moment the EU is heavily dependent on eenergy from Russia. The US would like to stop this. The conflict in the Ukraine is an important part of the process of economically separating the EU from Russia. But there is also a wider agenda. China and Russia lead the BRICS group of countries consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The BRICS countries want to develop a world wide economic system that does not depend the US dollar. They want to be independent of the International Modetary Fund (IMF) and the World bank. China has also suggested to Europe that they join together with Russia and themselves in what they call the New Silk Road, stretching across the whole of Eurasia, from Lisbon to Shanghai. Needless to say there is no immediate place for the US in this plan, so this gives another reason to cut the economic ties between Russia and the EU.

The Secret Reason - The War that Didn't Happen
While these factors are all important, there is another factor which is never discussed in the Western media. The trigger for the sudden hostility against Russia and Putin can be found in almost unreported events which took place late in August and early September 2013. What happen in that crucial period is that a planned NATO surprise attack on Syria was stopped by Russia. This was probably the first time since WWII that a military attack planned by the West was confronted by sufficient force to require its cancellation. The people in the West will not be told because their belligerent, tough-talking leaders "blinked". They backed down and decided to change their plans. The new plan: Undermine the Ukraine and seize Crimea for NATO. This obviously didn't work either, and the mess they created is still with us.

The Planned US/French Attack on Syria
Early in the morning of Saturday, August 31, 2013, an American official called the office of President Hollande telling him to expect a call from Obama later in the day. "Assuming that the evening phone call would announce the commencement of U.S. air strikes (against Syria), Hollande ordered his officers to quickly finalize their own attack plans. Rafale fighters were loaded with Scalp cruise missiles, their pilots told to launch the 250-mile-range munitions while over the Mediterranean."(1) In other words, at this point in time the French pilots and the US forces were only waiting for the final command from President Obama to begin their attack. However, later that same day, at 6:15 pm, Obama called the French President to tell him that the strike scheduled for 3:00 am, September 1, would not take place as planned. He would need to consult Congress.(2)

Three days later, at 06:16 GMT Tuesday, September 3, two missiles were launched "from the central part of the Mediterranean Sea" heading for the Syrian coast, but they did not reach Syria.(3) "Both missiles crashed into the sea."(4) There are several different accounts of what took place. According to Israel Shamir:

"It was claimed by a Lebanese newspaper quoting diplomatic sources that the missiles were launched from a NATO air base in Spain and they were shot down by the Russian ship-based sea-to-air defence system. Another explanation proposed by the Asia Times says the Russians employed their cheap and powerful GPS jammers to render the expensive Tomahawks helpless, by disorienting them and causing them to fail. Yet another version attributed the launch to the Israelis, whether they were trying to jump-start the shoot-out or just observed the clouds, as they claim."(5)

The Warships Were Ready
It is hard to know what was behind this failed missile launch, but it did not trigger an all-out war. We can all be very thankful for this. In the map below we can see the significant collection of warships in position off the Syrian coast at the time.(6) An article in Global Research referred to a "massive US and allied naval deployment is occurring in the Eastern Mediterranean off Syria's coastline as well as in the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf."(7)

Med Map Syria

At the time it looked almost certain that the US and its allies would launch an attack on Syria. Instead the proposed attack was put off indefinitely. As Israel Shamir says, "the steely wills of America and Eurasia had crossed in the Eastern Mediterranean," and the US suddenly decided to back away from such a serious military conflict. One commentator quipped that Obama finally deserved his Nobel Peace Prize after all. Here is the assessment of the situation from the Saker, an outspoken opponent of what he calls the Anglo-Zionist Empire. Because of his previous life the Saker has insider knowledge of the workings of NATO military affairs.

"Less noticed was the fact that Russia sent a hastily assembled but capable naval task force to the Syrian coast. Not a task force big enough to fight the US Navy, but a task force capable of providing a full view of the skies over and beyond Syria to the Syrian military. In other words, for the first time the US could not achieve a surprise attack on Syria, not with cruise missiles, not with airpower. Worse, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah embarked on a covert and overt program of material and technical assistance for Syria which ended up defeating the Wahabi insurgency."(8)

Why Did the US Change Plans?
It is difficult for us to know all of the manoeuvres which took place behind the scenes during August and September, 2013, but the final outcome is clear. After years of increasing tensions and threats, the US and its allies decided not to launch a direct attack on Syria as planned. Given the rhetoric and military deployment directed against Syria seemed to follow the script used for Iraq and Libya, there has been little discussion in the West about why the US and its friends suddenly changed their plans. Now with hindsight we can see that this failed direct attack led to an increased indirect attact and the rise of what is know known as ISIS.

Two of the obvious reasons I can see for this sudden change are not the sort of things the political leaders of the West want to discuss. One is the fact that these wars are very unpopular. As a result of countless lies and failures revealed about the pointless and savage wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, it seems that some of the politicians are listening to their citizens. How else can you explain the unexpected decision of the British Parliament on Thursday, 29 August, to vote against the UK taking part in any strikes on Syria?

The other reason is the extent of the military build-up by Syria, Russia and even China.(9) The Russians and Chinese have not only blocked the US in the Security Council. They "voted" with their military hardware. They are not happy about what the US planned for Syria and made it quite clear that they would use force to stop them. When was the last time the Chinese ever sent warships to the Mediterranean? Both Russia and China are clearly not happy with the way the US decides to invade one country after another.

What Does it Mean?
For reasons which are not hard to imagine, there has been little discussion of the broader significance of these events in the Western media. However commentators like Israel Shamir and Pepe Escobar believe these events signal an important shift in the balance of power in the world. The following is taken from a presentation by Israel Shamir at the Rhodes Forum October 5, 2013:

"First, the good news. American hegemony is over. The bully has been subdued.
"We cleared the Cape of Good Hope, symbolically speaking, in September 2013. With the Syrian crisis, the world has passed a key forking of modern history. It was touch and go, just as risky as the Cuban missile crisis of 1962.
"The chances for total war were high, as the steely wills of America and Eurasia had crossed in the Eastern Mediterranean. It will take some time until the realisation of what we've gone through seeps in: it is normal for events of such magnitude."(10)

For 'Eurasia' read Russia and China. In blunt terms, these two countries simply forced the US to back off and cancel their plans for war. Generally speaking, the ordinary people of the US, the UK and many other countries were just as opposed to the attack as the people in Syria itself.

Pepe Escobar is even more dramatic. Writing on the 17th October, after the Syrian backdown and the government shutdown in Washington, he explains that there has been a policy shift in Bejing. Now, for China, the diplomatic gloves are off. It's time to build a "de-Americanized" world. It's time for a new international reserve currency to replace the US dollar.(11) This new approach is presented in a Xinhua editorial.(12) The last straw for them was the US shutdown coming on top of the financial crisis provoked by Wall Street banks. He quotes perhaps the most important paragraph:

"Instead of honoring its duties as a responsible leading power, a self-serving Washington has abused its superpower status and introduced even more chaos into the world by shifting financial risks overseas, instigating regional tensions amid territorial disputes, and fighting unwarranted wars under the cover of outright lies."(13)

China has at least three parts to this new strategy. The first is to stop the military adventures of the US. All nations must respect international law and deal with conflicts within the framework of the UN. The second is to broaden membership of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to include countries in the emerging and developing world. The third is to work towards a "new international reserve currency that is to be created to replace the dominant US dollar."(14)

Perhaps this is why the leaders in the West are not celebrating the war that didn't happen. The Russians and Chinese have forced the West to adhere to international law and avoid an illegal war. Further, the Chinese see this as a beginning of a new era in world politics. They want to "de-Americanize" the world. The Russians want to see a "multi-polar" world. This means that the US and its small group of friends in Western Europe and Japan will need to recognize that they cannot make all the major decisions in the world on their own.

1. Quoted from an article by David Axe, "French Bombers Were Loaded Up, Syrian Rebels Were Deployed - All Awaiting Obama's Okay to Attack"; https://medium.com/war-is-boring/69247c24253f
2. http://israelmatzav.blogspot.com.au/2013/09/france-was-ready-to-strike-syria-obama.html
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11. http://www.alternet.org/world/de-americanized-world-and-china
12. http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/indepth/2013-10/13/c_132794246.htm. This seems to be the same important editorial discussed by Jeff J. Brown in the Wikileaks Party post "Baba Beijing's Belly Laugh Felt Round the World.", http://www.wikileaksparty.org.au/baba-beijings-belly-laugh-felt-round-the-world-2/. The only difference I can see is that Jeff Brown refers to the author as Tang Danlu, while the Xinhua website refers to the author of the article as Liu Chang.
13. http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/indepth/2013-10/13/c_132794246.htm
14. http://www.alternet.org/world/de-americanized-world-and-china
Originally posted by manzal at Кредиты будем отдавать лесом и землей

Государственная пограничная служба Украины рассчитывает потратить на проект "Стена" в 2017 году около 500 млн гривен. Речь идет об отрезке "забора" на границе с РФ в Харьковской, Черниговской и Луганской областях.

"На сегодняшний день за 2015-2016 годы мы получили 600 млн грн, это около 15% от общей потребности. Планом предусматривалось выделение на этот период уже 2,194 млрд грн. В 2017 году на проект было выделено 200 млн грн, плюс изменения в бюджет добавили еще 300 млн грн. В общем, мы ожидаем в этом году 500 млн грн, что составляет 55% от средств, необходимых только на этот год", - сказал Петр Цигикал.
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On February 18-20th 2014 there was a major escalation of the violence on Kiev’s Maidan, ending in a massacre on the 20th and ultimately in the overthrow of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanuykovych. In the center of a European capitol over one hundred police and demonstrators had been shot to death and hundreds more wounded. Despite the heavy casualties suffered by police, Western governments, the opposition-turned government and Western and Maidan media were the very next day unanimous in reporting that the massacre had been ordered by President Yanukovych and that the shooting was initiated and carried out exclusively or nearly so by snipers from the Ukrainian state’s police and security organs using professional sniper rifles. To this day, many in Kiev believe it was more likely that Russian special forces organized and perhaps even carried out the slaughter. As discussed further below, the Maidan government’s chief of the Security Service of Ukraine, Kiev’s equivalent of the KGB or FSB, falsely declared in March 2015 that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s advisor, Vladislav Surkov, organized and commanded the snipers. The three days of killing peaked on the 20thand ultimately scuttled an agreement to end the crisis signed on February 21st by Yanukovich and three opposition party leaders and brokered by Russia and the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland.

Less than two weeks after the massacre and Yanukovich’s ensuing removal from power there emerged an audiotape – likely a Russian or Ukrainian government intercept – of a telephone conversation between Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and the EU’s Catherine Ashton in which the former states that his feeling and the sense in Kiev generally was growing that someone from the new Maidan regime was behind the shooting. Although when pressed by Paet that there needed to be an investigation Ashton faint-heratedly agreed, neither party made any effort to push the issue again, no less demand an investigation.[1] The legitimacy of the new coalition government and subsequent new Maidan regime depended on the myth surrounding the snipers’ massacre that Yanukovich’s alleged deployment of snipers sparked his overthrow and prompted Western governments to ignore the opposition’s violation of an agreement between the regime and opposition that provided a way out of the crisis. The martyrs of the Maidan revolution know as the ‘heavenly hundred’, who were allegedly killed by Yanukovych’s forces, became the heroes and symbol of the revolution. Thus, from the Paet-Ashton phone call forward, not only did Paet and Ashton stop discussing the shooting, but not a single Western official discussed this issue so pivotal for the fate of Europe, no less called for an investigation. Quite disturbingly, Ashton and Paet remained silent until the audiotape was leaked. Nor would any foreign government, with the exception of Russia, or any international governmental organization demand an investigation or threaten repercussions for Kiev’s failure to do so.


Пески: Советские улицы

Originally posted by neznaiko at Пески: Советские улицы
До 1989 года в Ленинграде ходила загадка: назовите за минуту 50 улиц города. После 1989 года в городе стало на две улицы больше (имеющих отношение к загадке), сейчас их 52. Десять из них - это Советские улицы, с 1-й по 10-ю соответственно.

Пройдёмся по истории этих и пересекающих их улиц, охватив тем самым весь квадрат, который многие жители считают "депрессивным" районом центра - жилищный фонд в плачевном состоянии, население района - преимущественно старики, квартирный фонд - действующие коммунальные квартиры, или бывшие коммуналки, выкупленные в несколько долей, нет инфраструктуры развлечений и т.д. Несмотря на это, лично я не считаю район таким уж ужасающим. Здесь тихо, спокойно, красиво.

А ещё в этом районе какое-то время жили Достоевский и Ленин с Крупской.

Панорама Песков, 1910-1917 гг
Панорама Песков, 1910-1917 гг

ПодробнееCollapse )
Originally posted by skydrinker at Александро-Невская лавра

Два года подряд я ежедневно прохожу мимо Лавры по пути на работу и обратно к метро. И зимой, и летом - принципиально не езжу на троллейбусе тот отрезок пути до офиса, иду пешком 1,5 км вдоль длинной ограды монастыря, всматриваюсь сквозь решётку на церковный пруд, на старинные склепы и золотые маковки куполов. Особенно живописно здесь осенью, хорошее время для неспешных прогулок и размышлений о возвышенном.

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Originally posted by niramas at Спасибо, генерал Грэйвс!
Генерал-майор Уильям Сидней Грэйвс (William Sidney Graves, 1865—1940) командовал экспедиционным корпусом армии США в Сибири в 1918—1920 годах. Выйдя на пенсию, генерал — честный американский вояка, для которого интересы своей страны и своих людей стояли превыше всего остального — написал книжку «America's Siberian Adventure (1918—1920)». Её у нас даже издавали — в 1932 году, тиражом 5000 экз. С тех пор её часто вспоминают и иногда цитируют по кусочкам, но в целом виде на русском языке найти её я так и не смог; а чтение — преинтересное.

Особенно с учётом сегодняшнего дня.

Посему я решил собрать подборку самых познавательных моментов из книги. Перевод мой, возможно, неидеальный; буду по мере сил и желания его допиливать. Оригинальный текст цитат при желании вы найдёте в моём англоязычном блоге; если захотите что-то уточнить или поправить — you are welcome. Полный текст сибирских воспоминаний уважаемого генерала лежит здесь.

Какое же счастье, что наши революционные прадеды устояли, не сдались и победили, не допустили победы белых в Гражданской войне вообще и пресловутого адмирала в частности. Счастье для всех; даже и для тех, что ныне глубокомысленно вещает о победе "краснопузых хамов" и "еврейских комиссаров", тоскуя по хрусту французской булки.

* * *
Адмирал Колчак окружил себя бывшими царскими чиновниками, а поскольку крестьяне не хотели брать в руки оружие и жертвовать своими жизнями ради возвращения этих людей к власти, их избивали, пороли кнутами и хладнокровно убивали тысячами, после чего мир и называл их «большевиками». В Сибири слово «большевик» означает человека, который ни словом, ни делом не поддерживает возвращение к власти в России представителей самодержавия.

* * *
Солдаты Семёнова и Калмыкова под защитой японских войск бродили по стране как дикие звери, убивая и грабя людей; при желании Японии эти убийства могли бы прекратиться за день. Если по поводу этих жестоких убийств возникали вопросы, в ответ говорилось, что убитые были большевиками, и это объяснение, очевидно, вполне устраивало мир. Условия в Восточной Сибири были ужасными, и там не было ничего дешевле человеческой жизни.

Там совершались ужасные убийства, но совершались не большевиками, как думает мир. Буду далёк от всякого преувеличения, если скажу, что на каждого убитого большевиками в Восточной Сибири приходится сто убитых антибольшевиками.
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* * *
Генерал Нокс служил в России военным атташе при царском режиме. Он мог говорить по-русски и, несомненно, думал, что понимает русских. Он, вероятно, понимал характер и особенности тех русских, с которыми был связан в Петрограде, но я не могу поверить, что он понял чаяния огромной массы русского народа. Если бы он понимал этих людей, он, вероятно, не стал бы думать — а он, очевидно, думал именно так, — что российские крестьяне и рабочие возьмутся за оружие и станут бороться за то, чтобы привести к власти сторонников Колчака, совершавших такие злодеяния против тех людей, у кого искали военной поддержки. Генерал Нокс поделился со мной своей мыслью: «бедные русские были просто свиньи».

Лично я никогда не думал, что у Колчака был хоть какой-то шанс установить правительство в Сибири, но вера Нокса и подобных ему в то, что народные массы были свиньями, и обращаться с ними можно было как со свиньями, ускорила падение Колчака.

Если мой пост вам понравился, вы можете поблагодарить меня за мой труд любым доступным способом.


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